The RFN brand conference was held in Milan, Italy. We brought the electric drive off-road motorcycle “Ares” based on the modular design concept to the global market


Modular chassis architecture, deconstructive meditation


       As an independent geek, RFN is developing a combined chassis (forged aluminum + steel pipe) combined frame, which endows the vehicle with unlimited possibilities and reduces the welding process by →6%, simplifying the process and reducing the burden on the environment. Make the green environmental protection to the extreme. Reinventing two-wheeled off-road with deconstruction.







Frame fatigue durability test: >600,000 times

curb weight: <75Kg

Charging efficiency: <2h (20%-)

Peak power: > 12.5 kw (rocket mode > 9 seconds: peak torque > 270Nm)

Maximum speed: >70km/h

0~50km/h acceleration: less than 3.2s

Cruising range: >160km (uniform speed 20km/h, temperature 26°C, load 75Kg, flat paved road, tire pressure 1.8bar)




“RFN” Interprets the True Essence of Off-Road


       In order to learn more about the needs of players, RFN has transformed from simple product manufacturing to create a professional service platform for outdoor off-road riding. Adhering to the mission of leading the new trend of outdoor off-road cycling, RFN thinks and builds from the perspective of player needs and riding scenarios A better product. Combined with the dual-carbon trend, we focused on products in the electric field. After three years of polishing, we finally presented a new brand RFN Crazy Motor with players’ experience as the core.


“Ares” balanced layout design concept


       The world’s first rear balancer fork that can be rotated laterally improves grip on non-paved roads. The passability of front wheels, rear wheels, and ground clearance is 1:1:1 to enhance the passability of obstacles, the layout of front axle, rear axle, and pivots is 1:1:1 to improve the balance of operation, and the center of gravity of front and rear wheel loads is 1:1 The layout design makes it no longer a difficult challenge to drive an off-road vehicle, but a dance between man and machine.

Deconstruct off-road doctrine, be braver


       Based on the new product concept and structure, “Ares” has released two versions, road version and competition version. The Road Edition has the right of way, offering endless possibilities for urban off-road riding. The competitive version removes the power limit. It allows the knights to break the shackles and move forward in the vast outdoor world.



Competitive Power Model

Rocket mode: 12.5kw 320N.m

Rabbit mode: 6.3kw 118.6N.m

Turtle mode: 2.6kw 47N.m





Road version power model

Rocket mode: 4kw 102N.m

Rabbit mode: 3kw 77.5N.m

Turtle mode: 2.2kw 62N.m




Super Hardcore, Fearless


       The “Ares” vehicle has a waterproof rating of IP67, and the motor is made of high temperature-resistant magnetic steel, which can withstand the high temperature of 180°C. Off-road players will inevitably face the harsh environment in the wild. “Ares” will become a reliable tool for players to conquer the outdoors partner.




Forest Road Mode: Load the saddle and challenge the trail riding on off-road trails

Climbing mode: Quickly release the seat cushion in 5 seconds to unlock a new climbing experience



RFN redefines future off-road riding with a new concept, combines the concept of deconstruction, and harmonizes the relationship between products, players and scenes, and creates an off-road riding mode suitable for more people.